The Island (Made in Berlin)

Hello. We are so very for breaking our promise to update and post while in Berlin working on our book project, The Island, at Enblanco. We have failed. Sorry. While finding ourselves computer-less, we did manage to take plenty of snaps and some film, so there is evidence.
The project went really very well, and the edition of books is now fully printed, bound and complete (the remainder of the edition are now winging their way across Europe to us). We're going to get them up in the online shop in a flash just as soon as they arrive and will let you know when they're in.
So. Big Berlin. We had an amazing time. We worked long and hard, silkscreen printing, during the first four days, pulling 1680+ prints between us to get the pages done. We then spend a couple of day folding and collating pages while we handcut, scored and folded the 65 turquoise Colourplan cases (Amazing colour) before hand trimming every book. It was tough old work and we had a few hairy moments when we thought it wouldn't be done, but we ended up editioning the last few books as the gallery doors were opening for the private view on the 9th. Phew. 
We will have the books on sale soon and will post again in more detail about The Island itself in the next few days. In the meantime, you can spot us producing the books in the space below, and can see more and superior photographs of the entire project (by Ivo Gretener) on the Enblanco website. For now, Tschüs!