We're going on Thursday. THURSDAY! We're terribly excited to arrive in sunny Berlin and start work on our books. Check out the press release and information about the project on Enblanco's website. We will endeavour to post daily (or thereabouts) with progress and pictures of things coming together when we're over there working. But for now, we must pack and check lists and check lists agin...
And we hope this bear will be at the airport to welcome us with blooms and a miniature Brandenburg gate as he promises.



A rather belated post we know, but things all became rather manic in the lead-up and actually doing artwork for our project at Enblanco overtook posting news of our fundraising. Sorry.
But. Now. We are all done, the finishing post is in sight and HH has sent us the folding stuff. He has done a grand job, as have the beasts he backed on our behalf, and the details of the whole ride are below for those who want them. The observant among you will note that we didn't actually finish at Aintree as planned: Harry decided he'd have another few goes and boy are we glad. Good on The Giant Bolster who came through the second time around. And there was also highly impressive input from Monterosso at the Dubai World Cup and Merigo in the Scottish Grand National.  We close with a substantial 198 stirling, which we believe will translate to about 248Euros, and massive hugs, high fives, and a fair few pints for Harry when we next see him. Thank you Dad. 
We can stop doing horse-racing puns now. Ride on.