Saturday saw the 2012 Grand National at Aintree and the finish of our Back Berlin project. Alas, we had money on 'Weird Al' who ran an o.k. race, but fell at fence number 27 and was injured. Neptune Collognes won by a whisker, (the first grey to do so since 1961) in a thrilling race. 
We'll have a full report once Harry's handed in the roundup, but we think we're in the red, and hopefully the fund will cover the cost of three silkscreens for the project in June. We're cracking on with the work ourselves and will post more details in due course.
Thanks Marjorie + Hugh for the loan of this little three-piece indian puzzle as a visual aid. Have we cracked it?



We had some exciting news a fortnight ago - the paper for our projects at Enblanco, Berlin is being sponsored by GF Smith! Hooray! And it arrived on Thursday! Massive Hooray!
We're printing a book while we're over there, and as all the creative work has been coming along, we've also been doing a mammoth amount of organisational admin: Trying to make sure everything we need will be there / can get there / when it needs to be sent by / what we could potentially forget / many more niggling concerns. The paper was, obviously, a bit of a worry, as we potentially needed to cut all the pages to size before printing, and then there are covers and supplements to consider. BUT, the fantastic G F Smith have come up with the goods and are providing all of the paper for the books! And what mighty paper it is. We spent a glorious evening looking at all the samples, (touching them to our cheek and sniffing them too, as this has to be done) and finally decided on some of their colourplan papers for supplements, covers and card case (amazing colours) and some Mohawk Superfine paper for the main body of the book. Joy of joys, GFS can provide the paper cut to size too! So we now have the body pages and covers cut ready to their bleed size, which will hopefully make everything run more smoothly when we're over in Berlin printing our fingers to the bone. CANNOT WAIT.
Thank you GF Smith. Thank you very much.