Early start on Saturday: We were off to silkscreen the first print in our new series. For this ongoing project, we're going to make new prints from old work. Very old work. Things we made or wrote or conceived when we were knee-high to grasshoppers, naively and enthusiastically using all the felt tips / sugar paper / scissors / glue / bits of dry pasta we could lay our hands on. And now we're combining the enthusiasm and vim we had for colour, possibilities and double underlines back then, with a touch more sophistication, sturdier materials, and more robust production methods to bring forth: Older & Wiser

#01 in the O&W series is 'And All The Wishes Came True'It's a bold 6 colour silkscreen print on lovely smooth ivory 220gsm cartridge paper, measuring 17.5cm x 23.5cm, and is inspired by George's happy ending, circa 1983, taken from her summer exercise book. The print is on sale here, and proceeds are going towards funding our exhibition in Berlin in the summer.

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